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Untimely CDP Arguments Worth Consideration

Per Internal Revenue Code (I.R.C.) §§6320 and 6330, when the IRS issues a Notice of Intent to Levy (NOIL) or a notice of a federal tax lien, the IRS must provide the taxpayer with both written notice and an opportunity for an administrative hearing. more »


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What's Your Alien Tax Status and How Does It Affect Investment Property?

A person’s alien property tax status affects how much they pay. Failure to pay may lead to numerous penalties. Here is what violators can expect. For tax purposes, a non-U.S. citizen is either a nonresident alien or a resident alien. All aliens are considered nonresident aliens, unless they pass the green card test or the… more »


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IRS Actively Targeting Taxpayers for Passport Denial/Revocation - Notice CP508C

By: Eli S. Noff, Esq., CPA, Partner & Mary Lundstedt, Esq., Associate> The IRS is now actively in the process of issuing Notices CP508C to hundreds of thousands of U.S. taxpayers—placing all notified taxpayers’ passports in serious jeopardy. Several… more »

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