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A Guide to Trump’s Proposed Tax Plan

Trump’s administration released their proposed tax plan with few details in a one page memo outlined with broad goals and few details. If passed, it could dramatically change the way Americans pay taxes and would be the biggest overhaul in the federal taxation system since 1986. The White House said one of the main goals […]

Panama Papers: Germany Pays Millions for a Copy of the Leaked Data

The Federal Crime Office (BKA) in Germany has confirmed that it is in possession of a copy of the alleged Panama Papers and will use the information to investigate possible offshore tax evasion by German citizens. In addition to the obvious tax fraud, they intend to look for evidence of arms trafficking and organized crime. […]

What You Need to Know About Your Side Income and Taxes

With the cost of living continuing to rise, many Americans with full time jobs, supplement their income by pursuing ventures on the side. These may include driving for Uber, renting out rooms in their home through services such as AirBNB, selling through a multi-level marketing company such as It Works!, or by selling homemade products […]

Know Your Rights if the IRS Breaks the Rules

Glen Frost, managing partner of Frost & Associates, was quoted in an article featured in the USA Today speaking on taxpayers rights. Most individuals are aware of the severe consequences they may face if they break a tax law, even if it was done accidentally. However, most aren’t well versed in the rules that the […]

Maryland Field Enforcement Division

The Field Enforcement Division is part of the Comptroller of Maryland’s Office and is responsible for the enforcement of tax laws regarding alcohol, motor fuel, tobacco, business licenses, and sales. The Division includes the Motor Fuel Laboratory, the State License Bureau, and the Field Enforcement Bureau. The Motor Fuel Laboratory is responsible for testing gasoline […]

Tax Court: Economic Hardship Exception to Proposed Levy Only for Individuals

Mary Lundstedt, Esq In Lindsay Manor Nursing Home, Inc. v. Commissioner, 148 T.C. No. 9 (Mar. 23, 2017), where a corporate taxpayer sought release from a proposed levy because it would create an economic hardship, the Tax Court concluded that limiting economic hardship relief to individuals is a permissible interpretation of the statute. Taxpayer, a […]