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This Delaware County slip and fall case was  like no other we had seen. This was a difficult and unique personal injury case, but our lawyers do not shy away from a tough case. We fought hard and were able to get a $700K settlement for our client. Read below and I am sure you will agree that this is not your typical personal injury case!

The client was on the grounds of a multi-tenant office building and participating in a game of tug of war. She was in a program that required her participation in the event. Unfortunately, the ground upon which the game was being played was completely uneven, rutted and not suited for games of this type. During the course of the tug of war, our client severely twisted her knee in one of the holes  and sustained a horrific knee and leg injury with tears and a fracture. Her injuries were very slow to heal due to complications and she remained in a wheelchair for several years after the incident, unable to put weight on the leg.

This was a tricky injury case, but through discovery we were able to establish that the landlord knew that these games were taking place on their property and should have stopped them due to the fact that the grounds were not suited to be used. We hired an expert in the field of sports and recreation who examined the area where the injury occurred and opined that the tug of should not have been played on this field. After getting the expert report and preparing the case for trial, we were able to obtain a $700K settlement for our client. Needless to say, the client while having to go through this terrible ordeal, was thrilled that we were able to get her this Delaware County slip and fall settlement.

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